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Mossawa Center
The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel

The 2019 State Budget and Government Resolution 922
Publ. Date: 2019
The Naqab: A Land Without a People? The Palestinian Arab Bedouin of the Naqab-Negev
Publ. Date: 03-2018
Briefing Paper on Human Rights for Arab Citizens in Israel: Discrimination Against the Arab Minority in Israel
Publ. Date: 09-2015 / 01-2018
The Jewish Nation-State bill and its implications for democracy, human rights, and the Middle East Peace Process
Publ. Date: 01-05-2017
The Israeli State Budget and The Government Decision for Economic Development in the Arab Community for the Years 2016-2020
Publ. Date: Position Paper, 2016
The New Wave of Israel’s Discriminatory Laws: The Legal Status of Palestinian Arab Citizens of Israel over the Last Decade
Publ. Date: 09-2014