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Sociological Papers

Volume 17 2012-2013:
Formal and Informal Jewish Education: Lessons and Challenges in Israel and in the Diaspora
Jewish Education and Jewish Continuity: Lessons and Challenges
* Larissa Remennick, Editor, Sociological Papers
Leaving Home Together: The Impact of Travel in Jewish Peoplehood Education for Israeli and American Teens
* David Mittelberg, Fern Chertok, Dina Laron
What Happens on the Bus? How Community Impacts Jewish Engagement on Taglit-Birthright Israel
* Shira Fishman, Michelle Shain, Leonard Saxe
The Israeli School as a Venue of Socialization for Israeli-American Children
* Dorit Tubin, Avigail Wexler Gans
Revisiting “The Non-Linear Impact of Schooling”: A First Step toward a Necessary Corrective
* Matthew Boxer
All is not in the Family: Thoughts on ‘Integration’ of Russian Jews and Other Jewish Ethnic Groups in the US
* Boris Gorbis
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programs and Jewish Identities: An Australian Case Study
* Danny Ben-Moshe
Israeli and Diaspora Students Travel to the Holocaust Sites in Poland: The Impact on the Perceptions of the Holocaust, Jewish Identity, and Israel-Diaspora Ties
* Nitza Davidovich, Dan Soen
Academic Jewish Studies and Secular Jewish Identity in Post-Soviet Russia and the FSU
* Irina Kopchenova
Jewish Education and Its Outcomes: Knowledge and Interests among Jewish Summer Camp Participants in the former Soviet Union
* Alek D. Epstein
Could a Facebook Group Provide a New Model for Jewish Education?
* Emily Shire
Volume 16 2011:
The Emerging Second Generation of Immigrant Israelis
The Children of 'Russian' Immigrant Parents in Israel: Identity and Social Integration
* Larissa Remennick, Paulina Celnik
Generation 1.5 Russians in Israel: From Vodka to Latte. Maturation and Integration Processes as Reflected in the Recreational Patterns
* Liza Rozovsky, Oz Almog
Trajectories of Adjustment and Maladjustment among Russian Immigrant Adolescents at Risk
* Ludmila Rubinstein, Julia Mirsky, Yana Shraga, Vered Slonim-Nevo
‘I’ve Never Been to the Theater:’ Cultural Preferences of ‘Russian’ Internet Generation in Israel
* Marina Niznik
Ethiopian Religious Leaders of the 1.5 Generation: Between Integration and Resistance
* Rachel Sharaby, Aviva Kaplan
The New Second Generation in Israel: Key Issues and Main Challenges
* Nelly Elias, Adriana Kemp
Volume 15 2010:
From State Socialism to State Judaism: 'Russian' Immigrants in Israel and their attitudes towards Religion
Evolving Attitudes and Practices in the Religious Field among Former Soviet Immigrants in Israel
* Larissa Remennick, Anna Prashizky
Religious Russian-Jewish Immigrants: Features of the Portrait
* Larissa Remennick, Anna Prashizky
Christian Immigrants in the Holy Land
* Larissa Remennick, Anna Prashizky
'Strangers in the Homeland' : Social Integration of Non-Jewish Immigrant Women in Israel
* Larissa Remennick, Anna Prashizky
Appendix 1 - Survey Questionnaire
Volume 14 2009:
Women in Israeli Judaism
The Learners’ Society: Education and Employment among Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Women
* Rivka Neria-Ben Shahar
'Grace is Deceitful and Beauty is Vain': How Hassidic Women Cope with the Custom of Head Shaving and Wearing a Black Kerchief
* Sima Zalcberg
Dress and Appearance among Women in Israel’s National Religious Community
* Sima Zalcberg, Oz Almog
Women as Leaders of Religious Change in a Karaite Community
* Inbal E. Cicurel
Feminist Influences on Jewish Liturgy: The Case of Israeli Reform Prayer
* Dalia Marx
Changing Women’s Roles in Jewish Alternative Weddings in Modern Israel
* Ana Prashizky
Eve or Lillith? The View of Women's Physical Attractiveness in Jewish Sources: A Critical Perspective
* Ya'arit Bokek-Cohen, Nitza Davidovitch
Muted Voices: Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Medical Encounters during Mass Immigration to Israel in the 1950s
* Sachlav Stoler-Liss, Shifra Shvarts
Volume 13 2008:
Between Tradition and Modernity: The Plurality of Jewish Customs and Rituals
Between Tradition and Modernity: The Plurality of Jewish Customs and Rituals. Introduction
* Ana Prashizky, Larissa Remennick
Ethnic Synagogues of Mizrahi Jews in Israel: Ethnicity, Orthodoxy, and Nationalism
* Nissim Leon
'A House of Prayer for All Nations': Unorthodox Prayer Houses for Nonreligious Israeli Jews
* Naama Azulay, Ephraim Tabory
Immigrant Jews of the Caucasus in New York and Moscow: Ethno-Cultural Identity and Community Organization
* Chen Bram
Rite of Passage in a Transition Community: Premarital Rituals among Jews of the Caucasus
* Rachel Sharaby
Intercultural Mediators: Women Organizers of Henna Rituals of Yemenite Jews in Israel
* Rachel Sharaby
Breaking the Glass: New Tendencies in the Ritual Practice of Modern Jewish Orthodox and Alternative Weddings
* Ana Prashizky
Women's Roles in Death Rituals: Perspectives of Yemenite-Jewish Men on the Wailing Tradition
* Tova Gamliel