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Jerusalem Forum on Regulation and Governance
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Capturing “Capture”: Developing a Normative Theory of Fiducial Regulation
Written by: Barry M. Mitnick
JPRG Paper, 68 05-2015
The governance of goal-directed networks: an empirical analysis Of European Regulatory Networks
Angel Saz-Carranza, Susanna Salvador, Xavier Fernandez-i-Marin
JPRG Paper, 67 09-2014
Autonomy in public service provision and the challenge of accountability: Insights from German policy fields
Tanja Klenk, Eva Lieberherr
JPRG Paper, 66 08-2014
Conceptualizing and Theorizing EU Regulatory Networks
Michael Blauberger, Berthold Rittberger
JPRG Paper, 65 07-2014
Outsourcing, Discretion, and Administrative Justice: Exploring the Acceptability of Privatized Decision Making
Avishai Benish
JPRG Paper, 64 03-2014
Strategic Behaviour and Crisis-Driven Change in Regulation and Governance of the European Financial and Economic System: From Networks to Hybrids
Martijn Groenleer, Arnout Mijs, Ernst ten Heuvelhof, Bert van Meeuwena
JPRG Paper, 63 03-2014
Transnational Politics and Policy: From Two-Way to Three-Way Interactions
David Levi Faur, Shana M. Starobin
JPRG Paper, 62 02-2014
The Public Accountability of Privatized Activation: The Case of Israel
Avishai Benish
JPRG Paper, 61 02-2014